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 Furs, Leathers and Shearlings

Fur Storage

You no longer need to worry about the dry hot summers taking a toll on your furs. Our humidity and temperature controlled vault will ensure your furs last for years. We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to you furs, so store them in our secure vault.


Summer and Annual storage options are available. 


NEW: Let us store your fur while you are out of town. Nothing beats peace of mind

Cleaning & Conditioning

The key to keeping your fur in great condition is to regularly clean and glaze it. We recommend furs be cleaned every 2 to 3 years.


We also clean, condition and re-dye leather garments and shearlings

Our methods:

We have been using the same fur cleaning method for nearly 70 years. Your fur will be lightly tumbled with with a special mixture to clean the fur and pelt. After a through cleaning your fur will be glazed to bring back the shine and luster, like the day you brought it home.


From small tears to major issues, our furriers can fix almost anything.


Simply bring in your Fur, Leather or Shearling  and we would be happy to see what we can do to restore it to its original glory.


Bring in your garment today for an estimate.



Turn that old fur that just takes up room in your closet to your favorite coat. Restyling a fur is a great way to bring some new life to an old fur. This is also a great option for grandmas fur that you inherited. 


We can even shear your fur to give it an entire new look, and make it lighter.

Take a full length coat and turn it into a new stylish jacket. Or that old jacket can become a new vest allowing you to wear it more and for longer. The possibliites are endless. Bring your old fur in today and we can get started on turning that old fur into something new that you will want to wear every day.


Customize your coat with a beautiful Monogram. Monograms are done in house so the options are limitless. They can be as simple as your initials or your full name in an elegant script.


Purchase of new furs includes a FREE monogram. 


We can even remove an old monogram and replace it with yours.

Additional Services

Insurance Appriaisals $50.00 per garment. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment


Fur Conversions- Turn an old fur into something you will use everyday like throw pillows or a blanket.

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